About Thilna...

Thilna Enterprise Pvt Ltd was established in 1995 to serve the Local Construction Industry. With reputed international names in construction machinery and equipment industry backing us, we were able support all the local and foreign construction giants in their need for equipment.

Thilna enjoys the support of reputed International Construction Equipment and Machinery manufacturers such as,


EUROTEC Concrete Batching Plants from Italy

Linhoff Asphalt Plants from Germany

Fiori Mobile Mixers from Italy

Simpedil Bar Benders and Cutters from Italy

Master Finish Floor Finishers from Australia

Technotest Testing Equipment from Italy

Conforms Concrete Delivery Accessories from UK and Korea

Datakom & Mcwell Generators from China


We, at Thilna, are fully equipped to carry out periodical services and all kinds of repairs of the machinery and equipment sold in Sri Lanka, in order to keep them working at maximum efficiency with minimum down time. Our clients list ranges from the local construction industry and foreign contractors who are engaged in Sri Lankan development projects. Our loyal customers bear testimonial to our commitment to the industry by being with us from the inception of Thilna, to-date, and we hope, for many more years ahead.